Monday, June 4, 2012

delcaration of good today's every day

today is going to be a good day.


actually, today IS a good day. and do you want to know why? because i said so.

from the moment my eyes opened this morning i declared it to my room. i whispered to my four walls from my twin mattress on the floor that today. will. be. good. because i need a good day. i need my monday's to feel like friday's and my heart to feel like a sunday after church every day of the week.

last night i went to bed early. well, early for me. i was in bed by eleven (which hasn't happened in a very long time.) and instead of spending another hour instragraming, tweeting, pinteresting, facebooking, emailing, blogging, and distracting-myself-from-lifeing i opened up my bible and read a few bible verses. and to be honest, none of them were life changing. i always open up my bible and hope the verse ive been waiting for all my life is going to jump off the page, highlight itself, and be every single thing i need in that moment. but sometimes, actually most of the time, its not like that. and that's okay. because instead of filling my head with all that useless information i put something good in my mind before drifting off to sleep.

and i had good dreams all night long. compared to the two nights of nightmares i had the nights before. i dreamed of my best friend and us being together again.  out on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean talking about all the things that dwell in our hearts. and i dreamed of home. the smell of my bed. my mom calling to me from the kitchen that dinner is ready. my dog coming in the inspect my room and smell all of my clothes after being gone for the evening. and when my alarm went off at 6am this morning i wasn't restless. last night i made my wake up alarm the friday night lights theme song and this morning hearing explosions in the sky serenading me awake was enough to make me jump out of bed and kiss the sky good morning.

i eventually got out of bed by 6:30 after snoozing and listening to the song on repeat and went downstairs and grabbed my laundry from the dryer. i took my time washing my face and brushing my teeth and listened to Jesus culture pandora as i got ready for work. it was so relaxing and not rushed or forced.

for the past few weeks i have been waking up at 7:20 when i need to leave the house at 7:30. and i'll tell you something. it is impossible to do all the things necessary for waking up and getting ready in 10 minutes.

but not this morning.

because today is a good day.

today is my day.
it is your day.
it is our day.

and that's how every day should be. it should start with a smile. by sending someone you love a text message and telling them good morning. with a simple but honest prayer spoken into the dark. with worship and praise.

and i know every day wont start that way. sometimes you snooze for too long. you cant find your other shoe. the lunch you thought you had in the fridge is mysteriously gone and you swear there are tiny people in the stoplights playing tricks on your every time you hit one red. i don't expect you to just smile and say all is well because some days truly do suck.

but it's the not getting stuck on the sucky days and realizing they all don't have to be bad that matters most.

you make that choice. you choose to wake up and before your toesies even touch the floor to whisper to yourself or shout out loud to the world that today will be good. delcare it. make it real.

despite the fat days
or bad bangs days.
even though you hit every light red
and spilled lunch on your white shirt.

and hey, you never know. your day can still be good even though all those things happened. maybe your greasy scraggly bangs will draw more attention to your eyes they usually drape over. or maybe you missed that light, and the 100 before it, because you were also meant to miss that guy running a red light a few streets up.

you never know.

so why bother stressing? you have a 100% chance of your day being a bad one if that's all you are going to see it as.

 so make today your day. and if it isn't a good one so far...there is always tomorrow.

yes, tuesday always sounded more like me anyways.


  1. i love this. how beautifully optimistic. and i agree with starting with worship, little texts, and smiles. in starting it slow and purpously. giving purpose to each day is something so vital, and in my office, day-in, day-out life, i have a hard time making sure i do it. love this xoxo

  2. this is incredible.

    lately, i've just been seeing you--the real kate, unforced and uncensored in all her beauty--in your writing. and it's amazing. inspiring. BEAUTIFUL. so please don't stop. keep writing. because, through it, i see your light burning brighter than ever.