Tuesday, May 29, 2012

five at five: three

five things that made me happy this weekend/today:

1. not paying attention to the time all weekend. staying out late. swimming in the ocean at 3am. sleeping in. taking naps. eating cupcakes and frozen yogurt just because. deciding at 6pm its time to take an adventure trip just far enough away to drink cold cider and dark beer just because we can. 

2. playing the piano for the first time in a few years and remembering how amazing the keys felt on my finger tips. also, attempting the cello and not failing at it as miserably as i thought i would.

3. dangling my feet off a dock in the warm florida night and watching fireworks in the town over explode over the bay.

4. laughing so much my cheeks and tummy hurt. meeting new friends and getting closer to oldnew ones.

5. eating meatballs at a restaurant that were called blue balls and all of us making jokes about them the whole time.

five pictures that made me happy:

1 comment:

  1. this makes me so happy. it sounds like a dream<3

    and that cow picture is freaking hilarious! i almost died.