Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wednesday thankfuls

some wednesday thankfuls:

-the recent cool and windy weather that florida has blessed me with this week while riding my bike to and from work.

-new friends and a possible new roommate :)

-sweet texts and emails from my best and skype dates set up all throughout the week/weekend with all my favorite people.

-middle of the week lunch dates with jordan and patty in my break room eating and laughing.

-good morning texts from my mama.

-discovering they really do sell sweet tea everywhere.

-making plans for this summer to see my parents and char.

-actually liking my job. i realize so many people don't like their job but i really do love mine. and having an honest, truthful, and good boss who has faith in me.

-finally getting a pair of head phones and having deathcab for cutie, iron and wine, worship music, and mgmt sing me the whole way to work.

-the smell of a florida morning and being the only one on my bike at 6:45 am.

-letting my hair down after a long day and letting the wind cool me down all the way deep into my soul.

-the slight downhill slope that the lowes parking lot has a little over halfway on my ride to work and being able to stick my feet out and not have to pedal for a few seconds. 
(i actually look forward to it every morning!)

-meeting good southern men who prove to me that they are real and that what i know i deserve isn't too much.

-almost finishing the first season of lost. 
(yes i know im seven years too late!)

-church only being four days away!

-making it to a month being here and sticking to it even when things got hard.

-finally making time to write again <3

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