Saturday, December 31, 2011

a new romance.

if i am being honest i am anxious and nervous to meet you. i feel like i am getting ready for a blind date as i get dressed for tonight. i don't know if i should meet you in heels or in boots. should i wear a dress or jeans. i have no idea what you are going to bring and who i will be when we are done. all i know is this: its all unknown. its a mystery. an adventure. there's no way i can even guess where i will be 366 days from now when i am saying hello to a new year. but lets not get ahead of ourselves. i haven't even met you yet. i don't know if we will hit it off right away or if it will take a while til we get in sync. but what i do know is that we have the power. we have the ability. and we have the heart to make this the best year yet. its you and me two thousand twelve- against the world. lets run in head first. be fearless. full of love. adventurous. reckless at times. passionate. romantic. fun. young and wild at heart. but mostly, lets just BE.

i promise to be strong and never give up if you promise to be the same for me.  im ready for the challenge. for the unknown. i am ready to be radically and magically changed. i am ready to let go of all the pain your other friends have brought me along the way to finally meeting you tonight. i am ready to be new and ready to be used for something great. i want to look back on the eve of our departure exactly one year from today and smile at all we have accomplished together. i can't do this without you but i am willing to be all i can for you. lets make this a beautiful new romance. one for the ages <3

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  1. <3 :) i hope you keep this in your heart all year long.