Saturday, September 24, 2011

the f word

hello beautifuls,
i wrote a new post in my one size fits most blog and just wanted to share it here.
take a second or two if you have them and read through it and share your thoughts with me.

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  1. my sweet friend, i just read through many of your beautiful posts, both here and over on "one size fits most." first of all, what a beautiful gift you have--for writing with such raw honesty. i love the way you weave words together to express a range of emotions, from self-acceptance to sadness to happiness and everything in between, in such a poetic way. i especially loved what you said about "the 'f' word." truer words were never spoken, my dear! you are a beautiful woman inside and out and such a lovely spirit. your blog is such a great deep breath of fresh air.

    and thank you for your sweet comments on my posts. i read all of them and each one brought a smile to my face. your encouragement is so appreciated. i hope your weekend is going wonderfully:)