Saturday, April 16, 2011

i remember it as a dream

or a story i read years ago

about a girl afraid of living

and a boy she didn’t even know

but for once this story isn’t a fairy tale

it’s as true as you and me

do you remember that night my love

the night we fell in love fearlessly?

you said let's leave this town

and escape for the night

we'll sneak in before the world even knows

tucked in bed before the suns morning light

you knew my doubts about leaving

and my fear of being free

but you took me by the hand

and whispered, "come away with me"

my heart danced a nervous beat

that my head couldn't decode

so i ran away with my hearts new song

before my mind could tell me no

the highway twisted and turned

and hundreds of trees blurred by

seconds slowed to hours

we were escaping time

we landed on a pebbled shore

with waves dancing to our toes

there we sat in beautiful silence

allowing our hearts to finally show

you knew i was wounded

from pain others had caused

but you took that hurt upon yourself

and love me because i was flawed

and as you had promised

i was in bed before dawn had arrived

sweetly snuggled in dreams of you

feeling my heart beat fully alive

in all those moments

lost in the music with you

all the pain and hurt i had suffered was gone

you made my heart new

i look back on that night, so long ago

the night we loved beautifully

just two kids chasing the world

one longer afraid of being free

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