Saturday, January 29, 2011

30-day blog challenge: day six

                         Day 6 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

i am willing to try to accept this challenge!

1. my name is katelyn. many call me katie. some call me kate. and only one can call me kat (a family friend who has called me that since birth and i only let her because i would feel terrible to tell her no!)

2. i am allergic to latex, bananas, avocados, cantaloupe, honeydew and a little bit to mushrooms.

3. i adore coffee shops, the smells of coffee, and coffee cups but cant stand coffee.

4. i work at an auto body repair shop yet know absolutely nothing about fixing cars
(don't worry i just work at the front desk :D)

5. i have a strange love of lords of dogtown the movie and the original dogtown z-boys (the boys who revolutionized competitive skateboarding). i have the hollywood movie, the real documentary, one of the original skate team shirts and have been to the skate shop in venice where they started. its weird because i don't skateboard. at. all!

6. for me there's nothing that can replace a warm summer night, a best friend next to me, and all the windows down with the music cranked up.

7. i have been best friends with the same person since second grade. without her i would be lost 99.9% of the time.

8. while i would be lost in life without my best friend i have an excellent sense of direction even when its somewhere i have never been before. i get it from my dad :)

9. my favorite show in the whole entire world is so you think you can dance. i have always dreamed of trying out once i got in shape. i re watch the dances all the time and some have been so powerful they have caused me to cry.

{here are a few for your viewing pleasure:)}
this one isnt sad its just the coolest things ever!
i know theres a lot but if you can just watch a few these are incredible

10. when i find a book i love, i cant stop reading it. i have missed class and stayed up literally all night just to finish a book. either that's commitment or pathetic (i think its the second one).

11. in november i deleted my facebook and myspace account's and since then i have felt relieved and think it's one of the best decisions i have ever made.

12. i dont like my feet so i rarely ever wear flip flops or open toed shoes but during summer i get pedicures every month.

13. thirteen is my favorite number.

14. i could completely cut all meat out of my diet but i loooooove chicken.

15. i have a half brother i havent seen in years.

16. i am a sucker for a man in a uniform or with an accent.
17. i literally look like half of my mom and half of my dad.

18. i love country music, old beat up trucks, the fourth of july and everything patriotic and american. i would love to live in a state with history, a close community and wholesomeness.

19. i am not embarrassed to admit i love the twilight series movie and books and originally started reading the books just so my best friend could have someone to talk to them about.

20. one day i would like to see all of the world and fill my passport up with stamps from hundreds of different lands.

21. freshman year of high school i told my friend my middle name was santana so she would tell me her middle name because she thought hers was awful (it wasnt). i ended up telling her right after it wasnt santana but apparently she didnt remember because three years later she wrote me a letter that said katie santana sutton and for three years of our friendship she thought my middle name was santana. to to this day she still calls me katie santana.

22. i have an iphone and no its not really that cool.

23. i love going to college and learning. i think one of the classes i learned the most from was documentary film.

24. frozen yogurt with fresh fruit= heaven25. my laugh should be illegal for injuring dogs ears.

26. i love wearing scarves, sweaters, boots and anything autumn-ey.

27. i was probably the ugliest person on the face of the earth in braces.

28. while i can be a boy at heart and love movies like 300 and inception, i cant help but love the notebook, the hills and laguna beach.

29. the only thing i collect are old records and one day i will find the dirty dancing soundtrack <3

30. my favorite candy is refridgerated junior mints.

whew! this took me about two hours to complete! it was difficult. i think i almost stopped at 6 haha :)


  1. this made me sooo happy :)

    19 and 21 are my favorites <3

    oh and you are absolutely adorable.

  2. hahahahaha

    27. i was probably the ugliest person on the face of the earth in braces.

    that just made me laugh.
    you WEREN'T, but it's funny that you wrote that.