Monday, October 25, 2010

wow, it definitely has been a long time since i last write a blog on here. this summer i was writing in my tacoma blog and personal journal at home and forgot about this one! sorry :) well lets see. nothing really exciting is going on in my life at the moment. i am still working at the auto body repair shop in rocklin, going to school at sierra, and just recently found a bible study group of young women that i LOVE. i only went one day and it instantly ignited something inside me i feel like i have been missing out on.

lately i feel like i have been under spiritual attack and that is why it felt so nice to be surrounded by Godly women who are encouraging and inspiring. my best friend of fourteen years moved to southern california this summer and not having that close, personal, accountability partner has been difficult. but it also allowed for me to be able to grow up a whole lot. my whole life i always depended on other people. my friends, my church, my family, pretty much anyone who would let me in. and it never got me very far because i was putting all my trust into people who could ultimately never fill me the way i needed. but through my whole experience this summer in washington and being completely alone for the first time in my life i realized a lot about myself. and for the first time in my whole life i felt like i truly, 100% was trusting in God to take over my life. and i feel like He didnt let me down and that i had the faith i always wanted. i wasnt living my life for myself anymore. i was living it for HIM. and i hope that i can still have that. i know i still have that. i just let my wanting to control get in the way sometimes. anyways. my prayer for right now is that God will continue to reveal Himself to me and that i will continue to be encouraged through all this stuff going on around me.

i hope you all are doing okay :)
thanks for reading

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