Wednesday, November 25, 2009

there isnt one day

that goes by that i dont think about you
and miss you like crazy
you were the best friend i could always count on
the sister i never had
its been so long without you
i thought the empty feeling would have left by now
but that hole could never be filled by anyone else but you
grandmas house isnt the same without you
my life isnt the same without you
oh how much i would give to have you here on christmas just one more time
or just hang out with me and laugh and talk about boys
you could sing and i could dance just like we always did
remember that?
we thought we were so good haha
but we were so bad
(remember our britney performance on the cruise!)
alicia i miss you so much
your beautiful smile
your warm heart
your contagious laugh
i miss all of it
i miss all of you
your life was cut too short
but God needed you with Him
although i might not understand now
i will some day
when i see you again
i cant wait til that day licia
what a beautiful day that will be
but until then
i miss you
i love you more and more each day
and i hope in heaven we can wear watching dresses like we always did

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