Sunday, April 27, 2014

| michigan |

i want long talks on even longer tree lined roads 
i want to play you my favorite songs
and blush when you say that you like them too
i want to say yes when you ask me to go to the sea at 11:56 pm
and sleep bundled up in 100's of blankets in the passenger seat on the way home
i want to steal your attention
and hold on to it tight all night
and for every night after
i want to make you smile
and laugh out loud
and maybe cry a little when i tell you about the pieces of me that hurt
the pieces i don't like anyone's light to shine in
but maybe, just maybe, i'll let you take a peek
i want to let you compliment me 
and even more so, i want to believe them
i want to share cold beers with you over messy homemade dinners
and catch you smiling at me  humming while washing dishes
i want to be someone you would follow anywhere
whether it's to one more antique store
or across the globe 
i want to make you believe in yourself
and i want to make you feel invincible
but more than anything
i want to make you feel like you're someone worth knowing
and someone worth writing about
because you are 
and you always have been 


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