Sunday, March 16, 2014

| a little update |

: i  reactivated my facebook and honestly, i'm really happy about it. i connected with some old friends i can only communicate with on facebook and even started making summer plans with a few of them to meet up.

: i got a 99% on a math exam. yes, i'm actually still surprised about it.

: i've recently cut a few people out of my life who seemed to not always want the best for me. it's been weird but oddly calming. 

: in addition to the top statement...i'm really working on simplifying my life. i'm ready to spend days outside rather than behind a phone or computer screen. in the past four days i've gone on a hike with some of my guy friends, taken a long night drive with the windows down, and taken a trip down to the river to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and heat. there have also been talks of camping trips and more adventures ahead. i also have a friend moving back to california who is looking forward to teaching me how to play tennis and going on hikes. i'm ready to be active and healthy and take care of myself from the inside out. starting with simplifying, cutting out the drama, and being happy. it's really that easy. 

: the past few months have been filled with lots of boys and lots of mixed drinks. i'm tired of both of them. i'm going back to being happy being single. dating is complicated and guys at bars are gross.

: i met up with one of my old coworkers who i absolutely adore and haven't seen in months. we talked over sushi and soybeans and it made me realize how much i miss being around people who truly care about me and want the best for me. 

: i also have been doing weekly or bi-weekly lunches with an old coworker from my most recent job. we meet on saturday and talk over pizza and she told me the most ridiculous story about an elderly woman who pulled a gun on her. i'll have to tell you guys about it sometime. it's crazy. oh, old people. 

: i spent valentines day weekend in southern california with my best friend and i promise i've been working on a post to tell you all about it. it will be up soon(ish). it was seriously one of my most favorite weekends of all time. 

: the weekend after visiting char in orange county i went on a crazy last minute trip to disneyland. it was one of the best days of my life. also, we got in an accident on the freeway that seriously was crazy. i'm working on a post about that too.

: starting tomorrow officially marks the halfway point in the semester! woo! only eight more weeks of my 6 hour math class! 

: i've been thinking of the future a lot and what i want the rest of 2014 to look like. i'm excited to see what's next for me. 

: laundry is never ending. why can't clothes just wash themselves? 

: i've been struggling with writing real posts lately. i've been having a huge identity crisis and the back of napkins and notes in my phone have been the only outlet i've been able to use lately. but i'm trying to break through it. even by writing this nonsensical post. i just need to get out of this writers block.

i hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and a safe saint patricks day. love you all.

x's & o's 

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