Tuesday, February 11, 2014

| feb eleven |

my friends,

i promise i will have some new things for you soon. i have about a billion drafts saved that i need to finish. but for now i will leave you with this...

i'm happy.
i'm keeping caught up with school.
in exactly two days i will be in southern california with my bestest friend for a long weekend filled with long overdue hugs and laugh inducing tummy aches.
i've been on a few dates. 
one with a bad guy.
then one with a really good guy who makes me happy.
it rained all weekend. 
i finally got over someone i needed to.
my friends are really coming through for me.
i'm feeling confident and full of love. 
all in all, i'm a happy girl. 

happy tuesday my loves. 
i'll be seeing more of you soon, i promise. 


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