Monday, February 4, 2013

from sixteen year old kate's heart with love

today was a day of good news for me.
and quite frankly i feel like i am sixteen years old again.

first, i found out this morning that one of my favorite bands, the used, is going to be coming back to california on a new tour at the end of this month. i saw them in september and it was one of the most amazing concerts i've ever been to. i actually cried because i was so happy.

second, i got an email this afternoon that read the following:

why yes, yes i do agree. it has certainly been the best monday ever. my sixteen year old heart feels like it's fully alive right now. 

third, i found my old ipod that i hadn't seen since the year after high school. at first i wouldn't turn on and after cursing stupid apple products i decided to put it on my iphone charger and only a few seconds later a little apple popped on the screen. i am literally the happiest girl alive right now :)

happy monday loves. break out some of your old music and relive all those moments that made you happy and young.


now excuse me while i go listen to their new single on repeat <3 nbsp="" p="">

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