Wednesday, May 30, 2012

five at five: four

five things that made me happy today:

1. my three day weekend having me believe it was tuesday, not wednesday, and realizing i am one day closer to the weekend. and sleep.

2. my work having a tin roof that sang a particularly beautiful song when a florida downpour came out of no where.

3. talking about getting bunk beds with amanda when we move into our new apartment. hopefully we can find a place first or we will be bunk-beddin it up on the side of the road!
(we are praying like crazy that God brings something our way.)

4. hearing the sweet and familiar voice of my friend kelsey on my voicemail. something about her saying, "hiiiii....its me" makes me smile like no other.

5. jordan getting locked out of the house and seeing her sitting on the front porch, just woken up, and glaring at me for laughing. its happened to all of us at one point! still funny though :)

five pictures that made me smile today:

my mom sent me this picture and said, "one day we will go here together <3" 

well, that's all folks! i hope you had a wonderful day! if you wanna share any pictures or random tidbits about your day please do!

1 comment:

  1. sweetness<3 i love your little posts.

    and i'll be so jealous if you guys get bunks beds!:) that'll be so fun.