Wednesday, June 22, 2011

golden state meet sunshine state

in exactly 19 days i will be boarding a plane and flying across the country to the little military town of fort walton beach, florida. my best friend from high school moved there three years ago with her husband who is in the air force and in those three years i have only seen her once for a few days. we have both juggled with the idea of me visiting, with me moving in with her, and with her flying here to california and us driving across the country together. somehow those ideas always got washed away with work and the normal hussle bussle of life. plus tickets to fly to florida have always been at least $800. not in my budget exactly.

but a few weeks ago on the phone with her laughing over old memories and ridiculous conversations we decided that this summer i am going to come out and see her little life she started there. of course we had the typical excited "oh my gosh's" and "i cant wait's" like always but we both kept saying "its for real this time." we figured out the timing, found tickets that were more than half the price of typical trips and we decided to do it.  i bought my ticket, left my job (for other reasons but the timing was perfect), and will officially be in florida for three weeks and four days starting july 11th :)

i am so excited to spend time with her, make new memories, and explore undiscovered territory ive never seen before. i will do my best to keep you all updated with lots and lots of pictures. so far we plan on visiting orlando and going to universal studios or disney world, seeing the adorable little town of seaside where the movie the truman show was filmed, and attending lots of cute little american-themed military events. all those paired with spending hours on the beach that is three minutes from her front porch.

i. cant. wait.

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