Sunday, December 26, 2010

merry christmas :)

merry christmas :) i know i am a few days late but i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. i got a few neat gifts, had some great family time, and got to see my best friend after not seeing her for a month. all in all it was a great weekend:) i hope yours were equally blessed. 

i started reading a book called "what is God waiting for: the importance of divine delays" and it has been very helpful and empowering to read during this time i am going through. i hope as i dig deeper in the book i will start climbing out of the rut i am in and get closer to God. 

other then that i am waiting on my surgery for the 10th of january to get answers for that part of my life and also waiting for the two week recovery period where i can start reading the huge collection of books i have acquired over the past few months. 

well i have court in the morning for the passenger seatbelt i got in the beginning of september. lets hope they reduce it. good night all <3 

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