Saturday, July 18, 2009


i wrote this last year in august.

i miss the time in my life where i never knew what was going to happen next. where friends were too many to count and good times were even more in abundance. when staying out til early hours of the morning was a daily thing, and not caring one single bit about the consequences that the next day would bring was inevitable. when a hot summers night and a tank full of gas was all we ever wanted. where a tank top and flip flops were the perfect wardrobe for any occasion. when acting our age wasnt a priority and not having money was never an issue. when driving down the freeway with all of our windows rolled down, singing our favorite song blasted to the loudest volume was all we craved in every ounce of our being. when getting older didnt mean you lost your sense of adventure and being heartbroken didnt hurt so bad. when being yourself was enough and you never felt you needed to change that. when people told you they loved you and meant it. when being cool wasnt something that ever crossed your mind and time spend alone wasnt something that usually happened. when i wouldnt know whether i was sleeping in the backseat of my best friends car or if i would be sleeping at all. i miss the time in my life when i was the happiest. the time i was the most me. the times that have changed me into the person i am. all of the many times, in the summer.

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  1. i was trying to pick out my favorite part of this and i just can't.

    every part of it is perfect.