Tuesday, July 7, 2009

some things about me

lives for: jesus. family. friends. music. dancing. chipotle. driving. vw busses. travel. texting. hugs. smiles. singing

is passionate about: politics. religion. pro-life.

wants: to be a missionary. travel the world. a wiener dog names leonidas. to get out of sacramento. spread the love of god.

loves: music. dancing. singing. smiling. green tea with raspberry. making funny faces. painted nails. monterey. love stories. day dreaming. sand castles. sky high. daisies. dancing in the rain. vw buses. 80s dance movies. art. photography. the ocean. rain boots. lightning and thunder. lyrics. oldies music. camping trips. fishing. trees. dresses. swingsets. best friends. writing. my brother playing guitar til i fall asleep. hand written letters. camp. lakes. the summer. wild cherry pepsi. late nights. nevada city. jewelry. holding hands. rings. hot pink toe nails. dudebro nights. sour gummy worms. texting all night. making breakfast. my dogs. watching clouds. screaming music. sand in my toes. windy days. flying kites. reading. concerts. pigtail braids. anklets. flats. cupcakes. old people who are still in love. busy streets. lazy sundays. giraffes. seafoam green. swing dancing with my dad. kissing. doodling. old movies. frank sinatra. black and white photography. skipping. laughing. animals. dancing in the waves. old saturday morning cartoons. tahoe. road trips. four hour phone conversations. bubbly bubble baths. westerns.

doesnt love: ignorance. hot weather. skirts. jason statham movies. bad breath. colds. airplanes. bridges. the dark. b.o. fighting. radicals. being so far away from my friends. sunburns.

1 comment:

  1. dang girl, look at you!
    i love what you're wearing in this :)

    this made me happy.
    ohhhh jason statham movies.