Sunday, July 5, 2009


yesterday was the fourth of july which is my favorite holiday and it was a really good day. me, charla, max, frank and kyle all went to lake tahoe for the day. it was really really nice. it was literally the perfect day to be there. we went to eagle falls and hiked around a bit and it was so unbelievably beautiful. i love going there whenever im in tahoe. then we went to lunch at me and charlas favorite little bagel shop and got some delicious sandwiches and ate lunch and relaxed. then we went to kings beach and set up a little canopy thing and relaxed for a few hours and swam and layed out in the sun (aka burning my flesh off!) then we went to south shore for the fireworks, which are in the top five in the nation, and we ate dinner and went to the beach and hung out and watched the fireworks and it was really nice. it was completely relaxing and chill and the boys were ridiculous. i was worried about frank but he was super nice and i got along with him really well. all in all it was a wonderful fourth of july and i had a great day with my best friend :)

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  1. that was one of my favorite 4th's ever :D

    i remember you and i talked and talked and talked all day. funny how that never gets old :)