Sunday, June 28, 2009

sing me something soft, sad and delicate

thing have been going really well lately. things are good with friends. im getting a lot done with school and im completely content with being single. its the good life :) i feel that now that ive stopped focusing on being alone that i can truly be happy. people always say dream person comes when you're not looking or you least expect it so maybe that will happen. i babysat last night and made some money which was really good because i desperately needed it. the family is pretty amazing. charla is their normal babysitter so she recommended me which was nice :) im figuring school out and have been getting a lot of help from friends. theres this awesome website that andrew showed me and it is soooo helpful! like seriously, it helped me out so much. ive been spending time with sean and jessica a lot which i really like. i really hope i can recover my friendship with sean completely because i really value his friendship. i really like a school in south carolina. i was looking at one originally but it was a crazy southern baptist church so i wasnt really digging it. im hoping this school emails me back soon because i wanna learn as much as possible. its columbia international university. i really really like it :) things seem to be looking up. i truly am blessed. im actually kinda happy im not in a relationship right now. if i was it would be kinda difficult to be looking into moving away to a school if i had something serious back home. i know the kind of man i want and i feel that hes not here. i do like someone, but its nothing serious and nothing im investing myself in to. if it happens by some strange miracle then it happens. if not, i have lost nothing. tomorrow im going to go buy a journal from barnes and noble. i want to fill it with pictures and quotes and songs and lyrics i love so i can look back at it. i will probably print these out sometime and paste these into a journal. i dont know if anyone reads these but its a nice way to get my thoughts out :)

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