Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i think im starting to figure out what i want to do for a career. ive been looking for the past three days and searching college websites trying to figure out what i want to do. all i know is there are three things i want to do with my career

1. first and foremost i want to serve God in everything i do and do everything to glorify Him
2. i want to help people in the world who cannot help themselves and show them Gods love
3. i want to travel the world and see all of Gods wonderful creation while doing the other two things

i definitely want to go to a christian school (cal baptist....haha NOT) and study something with ministry and missions. thats all i know so far. but thats farther then i was last week. so im happy and i feel that even though i may not know what i want to do just yet, that im getting closer and God is helping me out :)

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